• Synchronous Motor

Synchronous Motor

Servomotor, Brushless Motor, Asynchronous Motor

Synchronous Servomotors is the focus of innovation at MTA Systems. Both, geared internal rotor motors or external rotor motors as gearless drives are the focus of development for drive solutions with unrivalled power density.

Synchron Servomotoren

Brushless synchronous servomotors from MTA Systems can be integrated seamlessly, saving space due to our technology – making drives compact and offer unrivalled power density.

High efficiency – beyond 90% – guarantee low-loss and powerful drive solutions. This is the main advantage over asynchronous motors.

Asynchronous motors are more and more regulated in it’s efficiency classes. This makes them more expensive. Significant innovation in magnets, smart controllers for brushless synchronous motors provide unrivalled power density, which cannot be matched from asynchronous motors or break boundaries.

The heart of our innovation is our own development for brushless synchronous motors. We customize drive solutions. This leads to massive increase in efficiency for series products and grant better efficiency of our customer’s systems.

The geometry of our brushless synchronous motors is the perfect fit for sensorless controllers. Gearing motors and controllers for unrivalled power density in a very compact format is the unique expertise of MTA Systems.

Controllers with encoders are also engineered to drive synchronous motors. We use magnetic encoders or hall sensors.

A selected range of feedback systems, connections, installation- and winding solutions enable us to customize servomotors to the exact requirement.

Advantages of brushless synchronous servo-motors

  • Saving space – extremely compact drives
  • Efficiency higher than 90%
  • Low-loss and highly efficient drive solutions
  • High power density
  • Individual design
  • Very good for sensorless controllers
  • Innovative sensorless controller concepts
  • Encoder system controller
  • Frame size according to requirements

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We would be happy to advise you on the subject of synchronous motor.

We’re looking forward to your inquiry!

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