Projekt 1: Motorrolle MRA50, – Logistikzentren MTA Systems Motorrolle

Project 1: XINTRON® Roll-motor MRA50, – Logistic centres – 70.000 hours running time:

  • Our XINTRON® Roll-motor runs 70.000 hours.
  • Gearless – outstanding power density, extremely compact
  • Lowest noise level in the industry

High plant availability and reduced maintenance cost are todays’ requirements for logistic centres. Our gearless XINTRON® Drives are meeting these high technical specifications. Gearless engineering and non-friction parts are the guarantee for triple running time compared to conventional drives. Running time is unmatched and holds for the entire life-cycle of the logistic centre.

Project 2: XINTRON® Mini – the most compact roll-motor in the industry:

  • Sensorless, gearless; max. 4 cm wide
  • Maximum running time of 70.000 hours
  • Minimum energy consumption

XINTRON® Drive technology allows extremely compact drives. Our XINTRON® Mini Drive is the most compact roll-motor in the industry for product separation, sorting or discharge of packages. Our customers can handle and transport smallest packages individually. A gearless drive with sensorless controllers makes these roll-motors so compact.

Project 3: XINTRON® Power-Pack – for heavy load transport:

  • 6-fold transport weight compared to conventional systems (max. 1,5 To)
  • lowest building height offers additional storage room

Heavy load palette transport is a challenge for conventional drive technology.  Movements around corners and at fixed stops requires additional power. High power density of XINTRON® drives matches the needs and can move palettes with a maximum weight of 1,5 to. Single palette transport can handle six-fold loads.

Project 4: XINTRON® Drive – roller-motors with lowest noise level:

  • the lowest noise level in the industry
  • gearless without wear parts

Lowest noise level sin picking areas are a must in todays’ logistic centres of international companies. Hundreds of roll-motors can create disturbing noise for people in picking areas. Gearless drives from MTA Systems reduce the noise level to the lowest possible level in the industry.

Gearless engineering without unneeded wear parts makes XINTRON® roll-motors the softest in container transport.

Project 5: Compact Wheel Hub Drive:

  • unmatched performance across full speed range
  • servo-motor, compact controller, planetary gear, integrated electronics

Battery powered driverless transport systems require low energy drive systems with high efficiency and maximum power density in a compact format.

XINTRON® Wheel Hub Drives exceed expectations and are in high demand.

Project 6: Palette transport without pressure:

  • Controllers with integrated logistic functions do not need expensice SPS components
  • Decentralized and integrated “single“ or “pulk“

Palette transport “single“ or in “pulk“, centralized with SPS controllers requires increased installation and programming. The 400V XINTRON® Motor-controller from MTA Systems for heavy Palette transport does the job direct on track. Pre programmed logistic functions reduce installation and programming effort.

Integrated logistic functions for palette transport “single“ or in “pulk“ mode are the first and only industrially available solution.