Drum motor

Roll motor, geared motor

Roll motors for conveyor drives from MTA Systems have a diameter from 50 and 60 mm. Drum motors are drives with an outer diameter of 80 mm and more. Roll motors and drum motors are mainly used for containers and pallets. Drum motors have a significant advantage over geared motors in conveyors concerning a compact engineering of the system. Geared motors need to be placed laterally or below conveyors. This disturbs contours of conveyors. Drum motors and roll motors can be integrated into conveyors.

Motorrollen und Trommelmotoren

Core element of drum motors and roll motors is the motor kit. It consists of a brushless synchronous servomotor with high efficiency and power density. Only low-loss drives with highest efficiency can be integrated into an axle tube for conveyor solutions.

Our innovative engineering and technology, based on brushless synchronous motors makes motor rolls and drum motors gearless drives and geared motors with highest power density possible.

Gearless drives and motor rolls have a number of advantages. Our direct drive technology enables us to produce wheel drives very short and compact. Geared with a sensorless controller it’s the shortest roll motor or wheel drive available in the market. Without gear the noise level of our roll motors is close to nothing and extends the runtime to 70.000 hours.

High torque at low number of revolutions may require a gear. Our gear solutions guarantee 100% longer running time compared to conventional gears.

With our technology MTA systems can offer a well structured portfolio of gearless drives and geared motors, roll motors and drives for mechanical engineering.

Specifics Rollmotors and Drum-motors

  • A synchronous servo-drive is the core element
  • Highest efficiency
  • Maximum energy density
  • Highly innovative drive technology
  • Gearless direct drives
  • Drives with integrated gear – external rotor motor
  • Drives with integrated planetary gear – internal rotor motor
  • Extremely short drives – gearless
  • Lowest noise level from gearless drives
  • Highly extended Lifespan – 70.000 hours – gearless drives
  • Highest detent torque at low number of revolutions

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We would be happy to advise you on the subject of drum motor.

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