Sensorless Controller

Connection compatibility with existing control systems and seamless integration in system architectures become state of the art.
Our innovative sensorless controllers work from standstill to highest detent torque. Sensorless controllers reduce cabling needs significantly.
From single features with or without SPS control – our controllers are simple to integrate.

  • Sensorless – until standstill & highest detent torque
  • Sensorless positioning – unique worldwide!
  • Significantly reduced cabling needed
  • Seamless & modular integration with existing system architectures
  • Enormously reduced cost for installation and commissioning from functioning and integrative modules
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Controller with encoder feedback

For low voltage (24/48V) and power supply controller (400/460V) we offer products for speed control and torque control as well as positioning applications.

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We would be happy to advise you on the subject of controller.

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