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Gear­less Drive

Roller Drive, Drum Motor, Synchronous drive, Servo drive, Brushless drive

Gear­ed Mo­tor

Roller Drive, Drum Motor, Synchronous drive, Servo drive, Brushless drive, Asynchronous Motor


Drive Controller, Inverter, Motor Controller

Auftragsentwicklung individuelle Entwicklung Motoren, Motorenentwicklung

De­vel­op­ment & Cus­to­mized So­lu­tions


Product Folders, Product Specification


MTA Systems – The Pioneer in Gearless Drive Technology

Gearless Drives – outstanding power density, extremely compact, lowest noise level, sensorless and minimum noise level – That’s driving us.

Gearless Drives with outstanding power density is our specialty. MTA Systems innovated the way, how to engineer and manufacture compact drives, gearless and geared very compact and with an extended running time, based on our 20 years of industry experience.

Our Drive solutions are also customized for mechanical engineering and plant construction.

MTA Systems is a highly innovative, dynamic, independent company in Austria. We develop innovations for drive and automation technology. Customized engineering and production according to our technology provides state of the art technology meeting the requirements of our customers.